Thursday, July 06, 2006

Looks like she pointed at you ma' friend!

Here's some footage from the Rivoli Theatre. This is an earlier version of a sketch that was later aired in season 4. Whats funny is Mark and Kevin swapped characters for the aired version. Okay, maybe that's not really that funny.

I actually think this one is funnier because of a few extra lines that Bruce throws in near the end. Also, it's cool to see that even at such an early stage, they really had it.


Anonymous Steven ( said...

Hi, I saw one of your videos on You Tube and in the text it said if you have any requests come here I am LOL. Anyways, I am trying to find the Kids In The Hall sketch, about small talk, its a couple of guys on a golf course, and it kinda goes like this:
Guy #1: (to Guy #2, who is carrying a golf bag or something) Hey how ya doin? Good game?
Guy#2: yeah pretty good, you golf?
Guy #1: Nah, hate the game (pause) hate the people that play it even more.
Guy#2: Then why did you ask?
Guy#1: Cause I suck at small talk ya prick
LMAO Classic KITH, right up there with "never ever ALWAYS put salt in your eye" LOL.
I am also looking for another one that took place on a golf course, unfortunately I cannot recall enough about it to explain it, I only know it involves a guy dying and the other guy doesn't try to save him or something like that. Anyways, just wanted to say cool site and if you have any of those I'd appreciate seeing 'em. My email is, if you have any questions or comments. Thanks and take care, Steven

1:57 PM  
Anonymous Alex-C said...

post some more early stuff like that if youd be so inclined.

12:07 AM  
Blogger Daniel Maté said...

Hi -

THANKS for the great archive. Wouldja have a copy of "Feelyat"? I've never seen it in full, only heard about it.


12:33 PM  
Anonymous Samantha said...

lol I love this one, and one of the other rivoli sketches featured on the season 4 bonus disc is the one that eventually got turned into a Gavin sketch. It's pretty funny, but what got me was the end when Kevin comes out naked and Bruce loses it a little (which is rare) And Scott tries to keep cool... anyway, I love that one, so if you get a chance, do you think you could download it?


11:22 AM  
Anonymous sillylasvegan said...

I'm thrilled to find your blog! I have been a kids in the hall fan since my freshman year of high school when I was home with the chicken pox. It's embedded in my brain and I need to catch my husband up on why I think certain words like "eradicator" and "ascertain" are funny in any context! - And I would LOVE to the the "my gazebo" sketch. Do you have it pretty please?
Thank you for having this blog! None of my friends (or students - I'm a high school biology teacher) get the kith side of me!

8:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i ain't gonna spread for no roses.

8:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the second golf course sketch steven was referring to was the one where Kevin's character has had a dozen near-death experiences, and Dave's character, his best friend, is "bored of all his deaths." Kevin then proceeds to have a heart attack, and Dave says sarcastically "Oh no, he's dead. Dead again."

Good one. It's from one of the first two seasons.

6:37 AM  
Anonymous Katie said...

this video is no longer available.. can you repost it?
[please] =)

3:49 PM  

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