Sunday, June 11, 2006

Another request

Here's a sketch from season 4 that I'm posting by request. This may not be as absurd as the previous skit I posted, but again, you'd never see man-boy sex jokes on any other show but the Kids in the Hall (well, maybe South Park).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey i was hoping you could find the tammy video "ain't gonna spread for no roses".
i've been looking for it everywhere!
oh, and the gazebo skit.

10:04 AM  
Anonymous Sam said...

ahaha! yay! Thank you so much! I love it :)
I've deffo bookmarked your page, keep it up!

5:09 PM  
Anonymous caitlin said...

I have a request... could you do the Darcy Pennell show (beautiful women)? I love that show and the theme song...

thanks! tammy would be wonderful, too

10:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always thought Jimmy Fallon would have a good kid in the hall. he probably would have done a better job than bruce mccullogh i bet.

4:16 PM  
Blogger Osman Siddique said...

ha, i can smell a fake aaron post from a mile away. jimmy fallon should get tossed off of a bridge.

5:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you had the Beard skit with Kevin? That one is hilarious, man. I want to show my boyfriend because he's growing a beard.

11:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nevermind, I found the Beard one on YouTube.

11:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a great skit. David Foley plays a gullible tourist perfectly.

You should definitely post the beard skit. Kevin McDonald rubbing his beard and eating noodles is the funniest thing i've ever seen.

Also, that Tammy video is on one of the tapes I stole from you 10 years ago. It's amazing. And...the Darcy Pennell theme song is fantastic. Everyone on here has good taste, especially the Jimmy Fallon dude.

12:00 AM  
Blogger Osman Siddique said...

whoever wrote that idiotic comment about jimmy fallon - never come back to this website again. i understand that it's impossible for me to actually enforce this, but stay away. i'm banning you for all eternity for being the stupidist moron on the face of the planet. i mean it's one thing to be a tasteless asshole and like jimmy fallon, but then to say he's funnier than bruce? come on, nations have gone to war over less than that.

7:56 AM  
Blogger bluehairedstockgirl said...

Classic. You are quite right, no other show during this time would have a skit about having sex with a young male philapino boy, and that is why I love Kith. Good choice in skits!

4:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you could post some Sizzler Sisters sketches... but not the one at the bar where they're singing as I've seen that one a million times.

2:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool Site. If you could put up any skit with Gavin in it that would be cool. Especially the one with the Preachers. I am not sure what season it is though. The crab shampoo is classic as well but I think it is on season 5.

12:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great blog... I must get these DVDs!!

Can you post the film where Kevin can't keep himself from getting it on with the cleaning woman,
and wakes up over and over in a cold sweat, saying: "What am I doing,
what am I doing,
I'm a happily married man!!"

2:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Osman, put on the episode with Buddy Holly about to take off on the flight with Richie Valens and the Big Bopper, stupid.

David "six feet from your house, dickhead" Emmons.

p.s. I heard you and my brother had a little tango on the basketball court.

7:22 AM  
Blogger Tor Y. Harbin said...

In praise of Bruce, I'd love to see the second season skit where he was trying to get his bill ("I don't want it NOW! I wanted it twenty minutes ago!").

7:44 PM  
Anonymous Thackr76 said...

I second he gazebo skit!
But most of all i've been looking for Doors fan. It's on bruce's cd but the skit is awsome. My girl friend is a huge Doors fan and she needs to see this. Your my hero for doing this!

7:45 PM  
Anonymous jackthezippit said...

I want to see Buddy Cole sketches! Youtube took them all down! Very upsetting! Buddy Cole! Buddy Cole!

11:59 AM  
Blogger Osman Siddique said...

the gazebo sketch, which is great, is on the season 5 dvd. as soon as it's at best buy, i'll post it.

1:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about the newly married couple running down the stairs in front of the church - several times (the new man gets killed again and again)?

3:43 PM  
Blogger cliffdog40 said...

Maybe I missed it but I figured that if anyone could find it it'd be you = ) Its a KITH skit and all I remember about it is they are in an apartment and one of them says something about their bike or something being stolen and then proclaiming "What kind of person would do such a thing?" And then one of them says "Thieves?" Wish I knew more, but it would be GREAT if you could help me find that clip. Thank you soooo much!

10:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i've been trying to find the sketch where danny husk's man odor is the secret to world peace or something off the wall like that. that one is priceless. oh and there's another one, i think its an opener. two of the kids are trying to get kevin(i think) to leave, so they slow down a record and speak and move in slow-mo to make him think he's too drunk to hang out.

7:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, I keep looking for the Screw You Taxpayer skit, but the only version on Youtube is truncated. Do you remember that skit? I don't know what season it was, but I think it was early on.

1:28 PM  
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