Saturday, June 10, 2006

I've lost my Indian Drum

Alright, I think sketches like this one are a litmust test for whether or not you're down with the Kids in the Hall's absurdist sense of humor. This is definitely not something you'd see on the likes of Saturday Night Live or Mad TV, but for people who are into the Kids, these type of bizarro sketches are old hat.

I always gotta mention, this is being posted because someone requested it so if you have a request, let me know.


Anonymous Sam Szwalek said...

oh man! I love this sketch!! Mark is hilarious and Kevin looks like a doll haha
Okay, I'm a new kith fan, and in the last month I've watched three seasons in a row (it's been a good month lol) and I'm probably getting season 4 sometime this week.. I was wondering what season the skit that has Scott saying "oh you're american?" And then Dave replies "No, no, i'm Canadian... It's like an american, but without a gun."
I can only find that part, but nothing else :( If you could upload that (if it's not in season 5 o'course :) )

I'm such an obsessed fan already and I've never seen a sketch from season 4 or 5!!! :s

12:27 AM  
Anonymous Anne said...

I absolutely LOVE this sketch! Kith were never absurd just for the sake of being absurd (I hate stuff like that)they make it FUNNY! Thank you thank you thank you for posting this. It's so great to find that even at this late date there are other fans who are still as Kith-obsessed as I am.

8:47 AM  

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