Sunday, July 30, 2006

Bobby and the Devil

Here's a little seen skit from season 2 featuring Bruce hilariously playing everyone's favorite teenaged loser - Bobby, who when he's not busy eating his Mom's ham or writing songs about his brain being on fire, heroicly defends mankind by getting caught in guitar duels with the Devil.

Bobby and his trucking company owning father only really showed up in the second season, and in some very classic sketches. I'm not sure which disfunctional family I enjoy more - Bruce and Scott's Fran and Gordon, or Bobby's slightly more despondent clan.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Looks like she pointed at you ma' friend!

Here's some footage from the Rivoli Theatre. This is an earlier version of a sketch that was later aired in season 4. Whats funny is Mark and Kevin swapped characters for the aired version. Okay, maybe that's not really that funny.

I actually think this one is funnier because of a few extra lines that Bruce throws in near the end. Also, it's cool to see that even at such an early stage, they really had it.

I'm fuckin' Buddy Holly

Wow, lots of requests, but this one stuck out. Well, for one, I know the dude who asked for it. Also, if you don't own the DVD or weren't watching back in '89, chances are you haven't seen the uncensored version of this one. I think I've seen it on Comedy Central, but I don't really remember how they handled it. So here's 'Buddy Holly' in all it's profane glory.